“The Flying Eye Hospital, Trike and Tested, Guyabano and Immersions!”

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The Flying Eye Hospital

At flight, the Orbis seems like any ordinary aircraft. But at touchdown, it transforms into an extraordinary vehicle with a cause — to save the eyesight of people around the globe. This special aircraft houses state of the art equipment that enables world-class ophthalmologists to operate on people with various eye disorders. Now, the good news is, the Orbis will be in the Philippines until September 11 to help give hope and clarity for some fortunate Filipinos.

Trike and Tested!

If you’re Filipino, then you have definitely tried riding a tricycle! These three-wheeled wonders have been around the country for so long that it is amusing to note some drivers came up with some of the most interesting designs! Take Henry, Rodie, and Rowel… three friends who pimped their trikes with gadgets and even automatic vertical doors! Meanwhile, Ernesto veered from the ordinary and decided to make his ride into a moving bahay-kubo! And in La Union, tricycles serve as an alternative to the traditional, yet oh-so-expensive funeral hearse!

Guyabano: Miracle Fruit?

Dr. Hernandez thought that the countless operations he went through are the solution to his prostrate problems. But after a few months, his cancer came back. But according to him he was lucky that he discovered guyabano — the fruit that allegedly helped cure his ailment. Neng, on the other hand, have been suffering from myoma for years. But she claims that she was cured after drinking juice made from the leaves and bark of the guyabano tree. What is in a guyabano fruit? Can this really cure some of the most persistent diseases of our time?

25 Years of Jessica Soho: Immersions

In her 25 years in broadcasting, Jessica Soho never minced facts and sometimes, she even had to get her feet right where the action is just to get her details straight. To understand the plight of female inmates, she temporarily had herself detained in the Correctional. In the documentary I-Witness, she went to South Korea to personally observe the religious rites of members of the cult, Moonies.


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