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Published on Mar 11, 2014

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Graviola extracts are not new to mankind considering that they were first used by the natives of the Amazon Basin centuries ago. This could well be due to the fact that this small rainforest tree grows extensively in the region of the Amazon and every part of this tree has proved to be medically beneficial. The natives used it to treat an array of disease conditions such as bacterial and parasitic infections in addition to arthritis. On the contrary scientists in recent times have found yet another cure for this versatile medicinal plant, the role it plays in curing cancer.

One of the most effective studies was conducted way back in the year 1997 at Purdue University holds particular promise considering that it has concluded that it is home to some of the most powerful cytotoxic or cell destruction property. What makes it even more impressive is the fact that the destruction is selective and tends to spare healthy cells, thus this is arguably one of the most powerful therapeutic options in the years to come.

The limitation if any being that the study was conducted in vitro or in test tubes and not on human beings. Thus it could well be some time before the benefits of this versatile plant are proved.

Soursoup, as it is more commonly known is available in an array of options ranging from teas and capsules through to even Graviola extracts. While it is beneficial per se, it is the extract option which holds particular promise. This could well be attributed to the fact that while retaining all the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of this evergreen tree, it eliminates the body need to break down and process the cellulose component.

Concurrently these extracts do not use water, glycerine or preservatives thus retaining the ‘natural’ component of this versatile medication. The scientific basis being that it absorbs the bioactive component of the plant. Conversely when capsules are consumed there would invariably be capsule components which the body would need to digest unlike extracts.

Considering that one of the primary indications for using this versatile tree is about treating degenerative disease conditions and immunocompromised states such as cancer, it is scarcely surprising that the digestive system is inadvertently disturbed. Thus extracts score over capsules as there is nothing that needs to be digested when used per se.

Thus it is scarcely surprising that they are being considered as the preferred option when it comes to treatment of cancers like prostate, lung, breast, uterine and even skin.

The school of thought on the benefits continues to be divided with one thought process being that they are the primary line of treatment for cancers and yet another opining is that they are essentially supplements which help support mainline drugs and are not as effective in isolation.

The truth is simple and at times disconcerting; Graviola extracts are effective and work well against a range of cancers. Nevertheless there is little headway in formulations as the bioactive components which help cure cancer cannot be isolated and cloned artificially. Thus they continue to be the preferred mode of administration at this point of time.

Graviola extracts supplements such as Platinum Soursop have many health benefits especially when it comes to cancer.


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