How to cut and eat Soursop?

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Published on Oct 16, 2013

How to cut and eat Soursop?
From the beautiful Hawaii, Big Island we show you how to open a Soursop also called Guanbana.
This is a video about how to cut and eat Soursop?
This video is filmed when we traveld to Hilo, Hawaii (Big Island). We will show you how to open a Soursop and cut Soursop it in a really good way. How to eat Soursop or if you have a Blender, we recommend Vitamix and Blendtec you can do a really good Soursop Juice or a Smoothie, Soursop Soup . You can do a really healthy recipe a Soursop Soup If you are a Frutarian, vegan, raw vegan 801010 you will love to put Organic Soursop in a Soursop Juice. We bought this Soursop in the Farmers Market Hilo, Hilo Farmers Market is a really good sopingplace for fruits. Are you traveling to Hawaii don´t miss out on the Soursop. This is one of the things you can be eating in Hawaii one of the Fruits of Hawaii and it´s a Tropical Fruit and Exotic Fruit!

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